Friday, August 25, 2006

The Ethics of Stem Cell Research

A new scientific study has found a way to extract stem cells from human embryos without destroying the embryo itself. This is obviously a notable breakthrough that will hopefully turn the tide of legislature concerning stem cell research in this country.

Link to article

However, the response from the White House indicates that they are ignoring its findings, stating:

Response in the New York Times

"Any use of human embryos for research purposes raises serious ethical questions.
This technique does not resolve those concerns.”

How can they say this when the primary argument against this research conveyed by opponents of stem cell research is no longer an issue?!? This reaction reminds me of a child who covers their ears, and repeats the phrase "I'm not listening!" over and over so they can avoid providing a cognitive rebuttal.


afroninja said...

so garret, what's your view on this subject then?

i guess i haven't read enough on the subject. the latter of the two articles cannot be read. but i really wanted to see what the gov't said.

down with stem cell!

Warstars said...

Honestly, I am 100% in support of stem cell research. If there is a chance to improve the standard of human life, then allowing this research is entirely justified.

With these recent claims of scientists' abilities to avoid destruction of the fetus, the argument is even more sound. Hopefully, when the HOUSE [of Congress] shifts to the Left, these types of legislature will pass in the future. Like massive deidication towards alternative fuel sources, less of a Neo-Conservative stance towards foreign policy, and increased domestic programs for the lower and middle classes. We may be able to take back our government from the Tyrants running things right now.