Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Red Rings of Death

Seriously, it couldn't have been a better time. I was just about to play some Halo 3 beta tonight, and while it was loading my 360 crashed to a weird brown screen with black vertical lines (the kind you get when you set your PC to a rez that's higher than your monitor can handle). So I turned it off. When I tried turning it back on, I got the infamous "Red Ring 'O Death". It's actually 3 red segiments of death (missing a red segiment in the upper right). So I did this test to figure out the secret error code related to my problem. Turns out it was a general hardware failure due to overheating (error code 0012).. game over!

I guess I should call the Microsoft support line and ask for a repair, but I'm thinking of doing the "towel fix" in the meantime. If it works, I might be able to stave off a repair until after the beta ends and there's nothing to play (I mean, it can't get any worse right?). This sucks. I'm also sending in my DS Lite this very same week too (I think that warranty ends on the 6th of June). What marvelous luck I have!

At least I can still play Starcraft on my PC.. good, old, made-in-1997 Starcraft. Well, it's gonna be a blurry, 640x480 couple of weeks for these spoiled, HD-adjusted eyes.. Maybe I'll just read instead.

More like read about that towel fix..

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