Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Office: Back from Summer Vacation

The Office returns this Thursday (9/27) at 9pm for a full-hour of office hilarity. Lots of new developments to follow and tons of new possibilities based on the aftermath of the Season 3 finale ("The Job").

If you haven't caught up with the funniest show on television.. what are you doing!?! Get out there and join "the Dwight Army of Champions".


So.. I'm really excited about Season 4 of The Office. Oh course you've got the JAMers (Jim and Pam 'shipers) going crazy. I'm just glad the whole "will they or won't they" part of the show can finally take a backseat. Sadly, I was a proud member of "Team Karen" and I will miss Rashida Jones' character. But out of all the cool twists that happened at the end of last season, I'm most interested in seeing where the Ryan story arc will take us. You know he's going to be a power hungry bastard and I can't wait to see how the show handles him in his new gig and inevitably, his fall-from-grace back to the Scranton office (c'mon, you know this won't last more than Season 4). At least we have Steve Carrell for another season of Michael Scott antics. And can we please see more Creed?? That guy is awesome!

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