Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Love Vending Machines

So I walk over to the main building at my work to grab a Pepsi from the cafeteria vending machines. There's a Coke machine fairly close by, but I firmly align myself on the Pepsi side of the cola war, so I've gotta take a walk. Now that I've got my wallet out, counting up the $1.35 in small change, I realize that I only have 5 quarters, a nickel and 13 pennies. Naturally this makes $1.43, a more than adequate amount.. but since I'm dealing with a vending machine here not a person, I'm unfortunately out of luck. Seriously, what good is a penny if I can't spend it?

Anyway, I walk all the way back to the break room by my desk and swap 10 pennies for a dime from our community snack drawer. By the look of the endless sea of pennies and nickels, I can tell a few others have done the same. Finally, I trek all the way back to buy my ice cold 20-ounce, insert every one of my silver coins, and jab at the top button on the Pepsi machine. I look down, and instead of a dark blue bottle, I see something bright and white. Ummm.. Wtf? I glance back at the machine and look closely at the selection buttons.. This is what I see:

Diet Pepsi
Diet Pepsi
Diet Pepsi
Orange Slice
Root Beer
Iced Tea
Mountain Dew
Diet Pepsi


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