Monday, September 11, 2006

A Look Back at the Past Five Years

Since the 5-year anniversary of 9/11 is already here I thought it might be nice to take a positive look back on all the progress we have made since that tragic day in 2001. For starters, I would like to thank George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and all the other important contributors in this current administration for the work they have done in fighting terrorism and keeping our nation safe. Without your unrivaled intelligence, never-ending dedication and diplomatic grace, we would never have brought the terrorists behind 9/11 to justice. When on May 1st, 2003, Bush proudly displayed that glorious banner stating "Mission Accomplished ," he spoke the truth.

And as we have moved forward, riding on such waves of success as the immediate response of FEMA to Hurricane Katrina victims and, of course, capturing those responsible for bringing down the Twin Towers, we continue to provide our citizens with the freedoms that are their birthright. Freedoms such as free speech and privacy without being hindered by a spying government, the protection from unreasonable search and seizures in airports or on subways, and also the protection from cruel and unusual punishments in situations where they were never formerly charged with crimes. We should be proud of America and all that it now represents to the rest of the world. An infallible beacon of Democracy, whose formula should be applied to every nation in the world, Third World or otherwise.

The attacks on September 11th may have been devastating and emotionally shaking to many of us, but our government has certainly proven that it can stay focused when it has the appropriate motivation. In this respect, our nation's "leaders" have done everything its people have asked them to do. We brought Saddam Hussein to justice for his terrorist acts against this nation, we found the honest connections linking him to Al Qaeda, which is exactly why we justifiably invaded Iraq. And now, we want to bring the "miracle" of Iraq to other Middle Eastern nations like Lebanon and Syria.

In looking back at these last five years, it makes me glad to think of all that we have accomplished as a nation. Thank you George W. Bush for all the hope you have given us. If I could name but one flaw in our governmental system, it is that we do not have the power to re-elect you for a 3rd Presidential term. A pity that is.

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