Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's Taking Up All That Space?

Have you ever sat down and checked to see what was taking up all your hard drive space? And then you find out it's some random files that you don't even use anymore.

Okay, so I was looking through the contents on my iPod in iTunes and I was curious how much space each type of digtal media was taking up to fill my 60GB HDD. I was shocked to discover how much space has become dedicated to various podcasts over the past year or so.

First off, my 60GB ipod really only has about 55GB of usable space... you know, because of taxes. Haha, okay bad joke. It's funny though, I actually remember a news story about someone who sued a HDD manufacturer because they said it was false advertising, since their hard drive didn't actually come w/ all 200GBytes or whatever.

Here's the breakdown:

° 3.87 GB is free space
° 15.14 GB is actual music
° 18.91 GB is Audio Podcasts
° 2.34 GB is Video Podcasts
° 5.31 GB is Audiobooks
° 8.42 GB is Video
° 1.69 GB is photos

Now, 19 GB seems like a lot of podcasts, until you actually break down how much I listen to each week. Here's a breakdown of the average number of hours of new audio content I get each week:

° 4 hr Best of the Left
° 45min Diggnation
° 1hr
° 90min Filmspotting *
° 90min Lostcasts *
° 45min NPR Wait Wait Don't Tell Me *
° 45min Sidescrollers *
° 1hr Security Now! *
° 1hr That's What She Said *
° 1hr Dharmalars
° 2hr Jay and Jack *
° 30min Official Lost *
° 30min Word Nerds *
° 1hr TWIT *
Grand Total: 17 hrs 15 mins each week. Maybe this is why I never get to all of them each week. Or usually, I have regulars that I always listen to (signified by an asterisk*), and then I will play catch up on 1 or 2 extra podcasts for several episodes at a time.


TN said...

So how much room do your weekly allotment of podcasts take?

-Michael J.

Warstars said...

Turns out this past week's podcasts took up a measly 600MB. That's all. Just a half GB. No wonder I have no space!