Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lost S03E07 Not in Portland

Well, the 3-month 'Lost' hiatus ended last night and it brought the season back with a bang! Lots of jaw dropping moments, some great insight into our first 'Other' back story, and yes, lots of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. I won't discuss the entire episode, since Lost is better watched than read. However, I do want to delve into some of the reveals from this episode.

I think the most intriguing reveals actually centered around Juliet. Judging from the brief appearances of Ethan Rom (aka "Other Man") it seems like he could be some sort of recruiter for Dharma. We'll definitely see more of him in future flashbacks. One of the bigger reveals came via Jack's continued insistence in knowing what Ben had said to her in the operating room. I think most of us had assumed that Juliet was one of the more notable members of the Others. She's always seemed bent on overthrowing Ben, and now we understand why (assuming she's not outright lying to Jack). Simply put, she just wants to get off the island. If this is true, then she's not much different than the our Lostaways.

This also changes our perspective on many of the events of the past 6 episodes. In the opening scene of Season 3, her breakdown during the song "Downtown" might have been attributed to her longing to get off the island. The same could be said about her continued resistance to the Others and to Ben. Maybe her plot to have Ben killed at the hands of surgeon Jack was really what she wanted after all. When all is said and done, she's just doing what is necessary to break free of her imprisonment and get back the life she once had. Here's to hoping for a Michael-like betrayal in the near future.

What's got me puzzled is why Dharma/Hanso Foundation would need a fertility doctor with her research knowledge. Could it be that the Others are sterile? Or are they messing with scientific experiments that cross the ethical boundaries no man was meant to cross? Something can certainly be said about their questionable recruitment practices, however. I mean, you can already see the extent they are willing to go to get people on this island (or pair of islands). This really reinforces my previous theory that all the survivors on the island were influenced in finding their way on the island somehow.

And how about the fact that Ben is Alex's father (most likely surrogate). Does she even know about her French Mom, Rousseau? Well, at least she'll be a more regular character moving forward. On the other hand, her boyfriend Karl has definitely had his fair share of brainwashing ('Clockwork Orange' anyone?). It's kinda disturbing to think, but could the kidnapped children from the tail section have received this same treatment as well? Or are they off marching the island like the Lost boys of Peter Pan, hiding in holes in the ground like Alexandra? I think the "Two groups of Others" theory works well in this case. Perhaps the children are with Cindy (the flight attendant) and her group of Others. Maybe the "Tale of Two Cites" references these two Others groups and their constant conflicts.

At any rate, there's so much more to uncover this season. We haven't even seen our beach-dwelling Lostaways since the Fall pod of episodes. Will Locke and company "look North" and find answers?? Where are Sayid, Sun, and Jin?? And what's the deal with Desmond's newly uncovered mystic ability??

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