Monday, February 26, 2007

Naruto Drinking Game

After watching the first 3 episodes of the new Naruto Shippuuden series, I thought I'd create a Naruto drinking game, to celebrate the end of crappy filler storylines. So raise your preferred beverage of choice... And here's to a new season!

Take a drink if...

- Naruto proclaims that he will "definitely become Hokage."

- During the middle of an episode, we see a flashback of a scene that has already been shown before.

- The flashback depicts the scene where Naruto and Sasuke attack each other with their signature finishing moves while Sakura tries to stop them. (take 2 drinks)

- Anyone makes a perverted remark towards women.

- Naruto shouts to world that he "definitely won't lose."

- Any ninja attacks another ninja, only to find out they used the Replacement Technique to escape, leaving behind a log in their place.

- Naruto eats his favorite food, ramen.

- Another never before seen method of using Chakra is demonstrated.

- A new Intro or Outro song and segment are introduced. (take 3 drinks!)

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