Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Absurdity: New Windows OS Ready in 3 Years

Looks like Microsoft is already readying up it's next killer OS. Maybe by the time Windows Vienna (or whatever it is they're calling the next Windows) comes out, I'll be ready to switch over to Vista. Seriously though, you don't wanna upgrade until at least the first service pack is released.

Generally speaking, there are rules you should follow when early adopting certain products. These rules are set in stone and are never up to interpretation. The first one is this: Never buy a new Apple product until the 2nd gen version comes out (iPod, iPhone, Macbook Pro, take your pick, it doesn't matter). You already know a better one is coming in less than a calendar year. Sure, you might seem like the cool guy among your friends, but when the "real" version comes out in nine months, with a respectable battery life and more features, you're gonna have to pony up the cash yet again. Why? Because Steve Jobs owns you and you love it.

The second rule is: Never upgrade to a new Windows OS until the service pack comes out. You don't want to be part of a statistic on zero-day exploits, because the network code hasn't been fully beta tested yet.. and by "beta test", I mean the first 18-months of a Windows release. You wouldn't wanna be the one to test out the food to see if it's poisoned. And trust me, Windows security is oozing with poison early on. Simple as that.

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