Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Music in Games

So yeah, haven't been posting much on this blog anymore.. since I've been busy w/ another site. Not gonna make any more promises though. The posts will just come when they come.

Anyway, I've been playing a lot of Rock Band 2 recently and have enjoyed it pretty well, as you can see here. Something's been nagging me though. Namely, that some people have a problem with others liking music due to it being in a game. Even if they really only get into that one song and don't dig much deeper into that band's discography, the fact that someone was exposed to some new music they wouldn't ordinarily listen to is really all that matters. Naturally, you develop a sort of positive association with a game's music, much like you would with the composed pieces from a Final Fantasy game or from any orchestrally scored movie. Regardless, the fact remains that you did open up your palette just a bit to something new. Who cares where that motivation came from?

The way I see it, it should make no difference whether you hear about a song from a friend, uncover it on the iTunes music store, find it on some Pandora playlist, listen to it on some classic rock radio station, discover it in your dad's old collection of vinyl albums, catch it playing in some movie's soundtrack, or play it in a video game. After all, music is about discovery. It's an art form that can be easily shared with others in many ways. The more mediums, the greater reach it has. And since the recent Guitar Hero: Aerosmith game has made them more money than any album of theirs ever has, you should probably get used to it.

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