Friday, June 16, 2006

It's Official...Summer is Here!

Three weeks ago, it was Memorial Day and it was BBQ crazy! Last weekend it was Vegas for my roomie Van's 24th b-day. This Friday (tonight) the party continues with my other roommate Josh's b-day (which also includes Tiffany's b-day/graduation as well) at the Shark Club down here in Costa Mesa. Not that I'm complaining or anything.. But I guess since work has become an all-year-round gig and you can no longer count on those nice 3-month long (though they never felt long enough) summer break hiatuses, the weekends are sometimes all you have.

Though the summer has started in full swing, there are a few activities that I'd like to do to fill out the rest of the summer:

- Six Flags...haven't been to an amusement park in a while and I'd really like to try out X.. I hear it's pretty good.
- Paintball...this one's already on the schedule for July. if anyone else is willing to go, please contact me.
- Golfing again...i'd like to play another round of 18 holes and hopefully do better than the last time.
- Beach/'s a shame how ridiculously close I live to the ocean and how little I actually go.
-'s funny how I've started reading so many books and have yet to finish them. So far, I gotta wrap up Watership Down, Eragon, Narnia, The Thrid Policeman, The Firm, and Needful Things. Note to self: no more buying books until every last word is digested from the above list.
- Inject computer virus into the accounting system so that it will round down fractions of a cent created by compound interest and wire transfer the remainders into personal account.

Another summer woe is the lack of good TV programming. I guess this is the first time I've been really into a tv show (ie: Lost) and had to face the harsh realities of off-season withdrawal. It seems like October won't come soon enough. Oh well, cue the endless stream of summer reality shows...

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