Monday, June 12, 2006

Wi-Fi + Mario Kart = A+++++++

Damn, just played Mario Kart Wi-Fi for the first time. It's a lot of frenzied action and good clean fun. I finally setup a connection to one of the nearby wi-fi networks (yes, I am a leecher) and figured out how to join a match. The whole matchmaking process is pretty brainless and simple, though there is a small amount of waiting required. My second match included someone from Japan. You could tell cuz their name was in Japanese characters. I proceeded to sent a friendly diplomatic greeting in the form of an ass whooping! Let's hope my 3-3 record improves in the future. Still no good way of solving the universal "disconnect-to-avoid-loss" problem. At least now I may be able to get by without buying the $40 usb wi-fi connector (that's more than I paid for the game).

In other news, I finally beat New Super Mario Bros w/ 100% on the ride home from Vegas on Sunday. More about the trip soon...

Btw, apparently Japan Airlines is offering DS Lites to first class passengers. Now you can challenge rich Japanese businessmen on a race around Rainbow Road.

FYI... Here's my Friend Code if you wanna play Mario Kart DS with me:


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