Thursday, March 29, 2007

8 Points of Revelation - Exposé

I'm taking a cue from one of my favorite Lost podcasts, Get Lost with Scott and Steve (sadly, it's no longer active), and starting my very own list of the "8 Points of Revelation" for the latest episode of Lost, Exposé.

So, in no particular order...

1. Billy Dee Williams is still awesome. He was awesome as Lando. He's apparently awesome in Command and Conquer 3 as a GDI director...

2. The underground tunnel system has been confirmed. We've seen hints of a tunnel system on the lockdown map, but now we see the Others have obviously used them to get to the Pearl station. There's also hard evidence now that the Others have been monitoring the Swan station via the Pearl.

3. Charlie cleanses his soul and confesses his sins to Sun. It took him an entire season, but at last Charlie is finally free from the guilt of kidnapping Sun. Why do the Other's always gotta be the scapegoat, anyway? So is this it for Charlie, now that he's come full circle? I guess only Desmond knows.

4. No one on this island shares any information. Fans have always complained about the writers for not portraying the sharing of information amongst the "losties," but this episode clearly shows that no one share much of anything with each other. Paulo could have warned them of Ben's plan or revealed the Others'walkie talkie. Either one would have helped when the A-team decided to take on the Others.

5. Winter is coming. It's now day 81 (that's Dec 12th, 2004 for those of you keeping track). Thanksgiving was 2 weeks prior, and so the winter season is finally here. We'll soon see the impact the seasons will have on our survivors, if Locke's revelation to Paulo of the rising tide is any indication. I was gonna say the "2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami" is coming, but it doesn't look like it really affected the eastern-side of Malaysia as much, where it's assumed the island is located. I guess we'll see.

6. You should wait 9 hours before burying dead bodies. I'm sure Nikki and Paulo would agree with me on this one. 8 hours just isn't enough time to be 100% certain a person is really dead. 10 hours is a ridiculously long time. No, you should always wait 9 hours, just to be sure.

7. Nikki and Paulo weren't good people. As far as we've seen from their flashback, these two might have genuinely deserved to die. Negative fan reactions aside, even after we "knew" who these characters were, it didn't cause me to like them any more (unlike Shannon and Ana Lucia). Hopefully we'll see more info on these two that'll shed some light as to why we were even introduced to them at all.

8. The writers of Lost enjoy adding easter egg references to their fans. Hurley's misplaced insistence that the "[smoke] monster" is the only logical answer to what happened to Nikki and Paulo, is a playful jab by the writers that there is no Dues ex machina device that will explain all the island's mysteries.

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